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Businesses and Organisations  are invited to join with Conscious Living in reaching a wider audience of Australians who are seeking to improve their health and wellbeing, enjoy better food and nutrition, contribute to a more sustainable environment and develop their spiritual consciousness.
Grow and expand your business profile and brand awareness  by becoming a member of our affiliate referral program.

Your Affiliate Partner Benefits  
•    Your logo displayed  on the Conscious Living Website with a Profile and link to your website.

•    A Facebook Post  on Conscious Living Facebook Pages – welcoming you to as our  new Affiliate Partner

•    Discount tickets to the Expo for your clients, family and associates . The tickets can be downloaded via a tracking link to the  Expo Website

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Your Contribution
In exchange for this exposure your contribution is to publicize the Expo on your website, facebook pages and emails.  You will be provided with banner ads, posts and email offers which include a tracking link.


Background and Vision
The Conscious Living Expo has been established in Perth since 1988 and was launched in Melbourne in 2013  and in Sydney in 2014.  An average of 5,000 visitors attend the Expo over 3 days.

5  Pillars showcased at a Conscious Living Expo

•    Health and Wellbeing : Natural Therapies, Complementary Medicine , Health Products and Services, Parenting
•    Food and Nutrition:  Organic, Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Superfoods Gluten Free , Paleo diet, weight management,
•    Eco Living : Environmentally sustainable products for home, energy, transport and garden, fair trade, ethical enterprise, conservation, cruelty free and animal wellbeing, organic gardening, chemical free farming, conscious finances
•    Creative Arts: Music, Writing, Publishing , Educational Courses for Personal and Professional Development , Art and Media
•    Spirit : Consciousness  including psychic and intuitive development, meditation, medical intuition and healing

As an Affiliate Partner you can promote this exhibiting opportunity to your clients and network via your website , facebook and emails using an Ad which has an affiliate tracking link.  Any exhibitors that book exhibition space through your referral link will generate a referral commission of 5{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} of the net amount paid .

Benefits For Exhibitors  
There are many reasons why exhibitors prefer Conscious Living Expo but one of the main reasons they tell us is because they make connections to expand their business and increase their customer base. They can reach a targeted audience of people who are actively engaged in improving their health, living sustainably and participating in personal development and training .  There are  opportunities to engage with more  potential clients through the talks program. The  positive environment of the Expo encourages people to network, exchange ideas and learn from one another . The face to face meetings provide co-creative opportunities which would not normally be available.

A Marketplace
To launch and sell new products and services,  build brand awareness and boost sales through face to face connection with new customers, nurture relationships with existing clients, initiate new business opportunities.

A platform to Present
Exhibitors have the opportunity to present a talk , workshop or experiential session as part of the Exhibitor Booth Package.  Our most successful exhibitors have found this to be a key factor  in developing and growing their businesses.

A Targeted Audience – 80{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} female aged 25 years to 75 years – with a specific interest in natural therapies, personal development, psychic and spiritual, organic food and eco living. A high percentage of visitors are practitioners and health professionals.

Benefits For Visitors
In a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere visitors can try and source new products for better health and wellbeing, experience natural therapy treatments, sample organic/raw food and super foods, find answers to health issues, connect with practitioners and be introduced to new modalities,  training courses, new careers and businesses. The Speaker Program is one of the main reasons visitors come to a Conscious Living Expo and return for more than 1 day to explore a dynamic program of experiential workshops, sound healing sessions,  talks, demonstrations and seminars by leading authors and performances by leading musicians and psychic mediums.

As our Affiliate Partner you can promote our ticket offers  to  the Conscious Living  Expo and Living Well in WA  on your website, facebook and emails.  Specials include 2 for 1 ticket offers.
We look forward to working with you to build a strong and enduring collaborative partnership that will foster the growth and expansion of your business./organisation.