The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

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The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors have been offering training for over 25 years. Counselling is acknowledged as being one of the most personally and professionally rewarding careers, and the need for counsellors in Australia has never been greater. Since its inception, AIPC had been a leader in the area of flexible learning. We understand that in today’s fast paced world it can be difficult to find the time to undertake a qualification. For this reason we have a strong focus on making our programs as accessible and flexible to your needs as possible. Courses are self-paced, allowing you to progress at a speed that suits you according to your lifestyle commitments.





Kate Sorenson is from a Sales and Marketing background. She completed her Diploma of Counselling in 2008 with AIPC and in 2011 commenced employment as  the manager of Western Australia and Singapore. Kate is passionate about education and training and the opportunities it provides for people to receive the skills and knowledge to become professional counsellors.