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Krishna’s Cafe – Food for Thought – Development for Life

‘Krishna’s Café’. Delicious aromas of the pure vegetarian cuisine on offer. Krishna’s Café has a daily offering of tasty snacks, complete meals and delightful cakes and deserts. A choice of specialty teas, coffees and juices complement the main fare.




Krishnas Cafe – Food for Thought – Development for Life

David Reynolds  has been dedicated to the welfare of animals and people for the past 25 years and has regularly supported and helped fund animal welfare programmes such as protection farms. PAWS are dedicated to promoting community welfare through Ahimsa (non-violence) and is staffed 100% by volunteers.

Among a range of projects, they provide a community centre that addresses social isolation and provides support and training to disadvantaged individuals. David adds, “PAWS wishes to demonstrate and encourage interaction as well as break down cultural barriers through community growth.”

The Philosophy:   “PAWS wishes to demonstrate and encourage a healthy community by providing a real alternative and food that reflects this. We aim to provide food in a respectful and dignified manner to anyone who walks through the door. This is coupled with the practice of ahimsa causing no harm to any living entity in mind, word or deed. The PAWS vision is a society wherein humans and non-human animals can co-exist peacefully without the threat of cruelty, exploitation or untimely death. The mission of PAWS in a nutshell is to introduce, maintain and promote projects that encourage environment sustainability, sensible agriculture, community welfare and education.”

Drop by and see us  – Shop 3 / 885 Beaufort Street Inglewood 6052 Corner of Ninth Ave behind Post Office

Phone: 08 6180 7690

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Monday to Saturday: 8am to 3pm

Sunday: 4pm onwards (Krishna’s love feast – pay by donation)