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Arakan Martial Art movements involves striking, deflecting, grasping, manipulating, locking and using an opponent‘s momentum against themselves. Arakan Martial Art utilises knees and kicks which are aimed at below the waist level. Practitioners are proficient in close quarters combat situations as well as in longer range situations. Arakan Martial art is fast, powerful, unique, interesting, fluid and practical, and is highly effective for self-protection purposes against one or even multiple attackers should the need ever arise.

Throughout your Arakan Martial Art journey with us, we can teach you how to immobilise an opponent very quickly and effectively using your body mechanics correctly and dynamically as well as utilizing your opponent’s size, momentum and leverage points against themselves.

You don’t have to be the biggest, the strongest or the most aggressive person to be able to handle yourself in a real situation. You just need the willingness to learn and the patience to allow some time for the Arakan rhythm, moves and skill sets to become part of you.

We can teach you to disarm knives and bats, as well as use many exotic weapons including sticks, swords, knives and much more. We hold many seminars teaching our members to utilize and adapt to many varied environments and scenarios such as in a real night club, inside a car, a home and much more.

Over time, your body will become fluid, adaptable, dynamic and powerful.

Arakan Martial Art self defence classes and private lessons are available.
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