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Website:     Email:         [email protected]     Call: Sara Revet on 0449 833508 or Sarah Hemetsberger on 0433 659730



Sara Revet is the  founder of Art en Soul, a new Holistic Wellness and Training Centre in Clarkson. Her vision vision was to create a harmonious hub for her community.


Art en Soul Holistic Wellness and Training Centre was created to offer the community a variety of holistic therapeutic services and a peaceful, harmonious space for learning.   The centre benefits from having its founder’s knowledge and experience of Feng Shui and Geomancy to create this beautiful and balanced centre of therapeutic bliss.



Our mission at Art en Soul is to:

Enrich Your Life

Create Harmony

Achieve Your Goals

Empower Your Soul

Regain Health and Vitality

Awaken Your Innate Abilities


Art en Soul therapists offer:

  • Aromatherapy
    Unique personally blended essential oil blend massaged in either full body or back neck and shoulder treatment to assist the body in de-toxing and healing.
  • Feng Shui
    Creating harmonious spaces that encourage abundant and supportive energy for all who live in the home.
  • Geomancy
    Effective tool for finding geopathic stress, electromagnetic radiation and negative energies in and around your home together with advice about appropriate remedies to counteract these.
  • Kinesiology
    Muscle monitoring to achieve balance in the body. A powerful tool that enables the practitioner to pick up mental, emotional, physical and energetic imbalances and use appropriate techniques to re-balance them.
  • Neuro-Training
    Combining Kinesiology with several other complimentary therapies together with neuroscience to find the cause of the issues and then re-train the nervous system to use better options for life.
  • Reiki
    Ancient Japanese healing therapy used for many conditions. Relaxing, re-balancing and energising.
  • And more …


Art en Soul is located close to Clarkson Train Station on the Joondalup Train line, just a short walk down the road.  It is on the main bus route for much of the Northern Suburbs and has ample off street parking.  Whether travelling by car, train or bus you can be sure the journey will be simple.

If you are travelling from afar Art en Soul has accommodation upstairs in the form of one studio and one 2 bed apartment also created with Feng Shui principles making them balanced and harmonious places to stay.

Art en Soul Holistic Training Centre offers a range of workshops and events for practitioners and the public alike:

  • Government recognised Double Diploma in Kinesiology and Neuro-Training
  • Workshops providing you with simple and effective techniques to manage your own health issues.
  • Detox workshops that offer fun and informative ways to reduce the chemicals in and around your home.
  • Reflexology workshops for young and old teaching simple and effective techniques for stress release and health for home use and self-help training.

Art en Soul is also a hub for those with creative talents.  With much research showing that creativity is beneficial for our health both mentally and physically, we offer a range of events from your basic knit and natter to macramé workshops and in the future art and photography workshops.  If you are lacking some creative inspiration, sign up to our mailing list and keep updated on upcoming events.

Show Specials:

  • Neuro-Training Activation – 30 mins $39
  • Neuro-Training 1hr Consultation – $80
  • Feng Shui Mini Ming Gua Consult – 20 mins – $25

Pre-register for your natural therapy consultation to secure your spot:

Available from 10am to 4pm.

Email your name, phone number, therapy and preferred time to: [email protected] or
SMS details to 0449 833508

The following offers booked and paid for at Conscious Living qualify for up to 30% Discount:

  • Natural Remedy Revelations Usually $49 Conscious Living Price $35
    Mini workshop re-training your system to combat Anxiety/Headaches/Stress Reactions & more
  • Neuro-Training Activation Workshops Usually $250 Conscious Living Price $175
    Neuro-Training’s unique hands-on techniques that teach you processes to re-train your own body systems to function better for you – Lymph, Blood Flow, Meridians and Psychological/Emotional Stress
  • Feng Shui Full House Report Usually From $599 Conscious Living Price From $498
  • Geomancy Report Usually From $588 Conscious Living Price From $488
  • Sacred Space Report Usually From $488 Conscious Living Price From $398
    Consultations available Northern Suburbs and South-West.

Visit us at Booth P16 to find out what’s available. Looking forward to meeting you.