Divinely Channeled Messages

Through Johnny Garcia and Cushla Lovejoy

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Johnny Garcia is a Californian,  now living in Mexico who has dedicated these last 10 years working to assist people to understand and realise their souls journey .  He supports people connecting to their authentic creative power. He is a  channel of divine energy, an artist and photographer. In his spare time he directs film projects, hosts  his own podcast show “Johnny G and Friends” and as an artist has painted since 2000 colourful abstract paintings full of love and healing energy .


Originally from New Zealand Cushla Lovejoy is a Channel of the Divine Mothers, a New Thought facilitator, spiritual counselor, visionary, life coach, metaphysical instructor and prayer therapy healer who has over 30 years teaching and working experience globally.  She travels and runs workshops, works individually with clients and speaks publicly around the world including USA, South America, UK, Europe, Australia and her homeland.

Her formal Education base is in Behavioral science and related therapies.  Her informal educational base comes many years of self-discovery and learning from teachers, through courses and experiences throughout her life.

Cushla spent time training with professional development organizations and spiritual teachers from around the world.


Divine Mothers Activation Circle is on the 1st Sunday of each month  – Call Cushla for details –  0423115448

  • DIVINE MOTHERS   –Lets get in the know. Conversations with the Divine Mothers 
  • Heart energy activation –  Healing energy input group session
  • Who am I? Reconnect to the truth of yourself Other lifetimes – Let go of the past. Make now work for you.
  • Potentialize the Potency of your Inner Goddess Ascend to the Throne of your Feminine Power


Skype sessions, Live sessions Phone: 0423115448        

  • Trauma release and healing
  •  Identification of and release of energy blocks
  • Spiritual and emotional support Life Coaching
  • Clearings, blessings of houses and workplaces  and more


Gifts From The Divine Mothers with Johnny G, artist healer

Simply Put Daily words of wisdom – Cushla Lovejoy


Visit Cushla’s web page for more info: cushlalovejoy.com