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Are you feeling stuck?
Feel like you have more potential waiting to be unlocked?
Want clarity, joy and satisfaction from your life and/or career?
Do you suffer from conflicting thoughts? Need help with issues and reaching goals?
Life’s too short, find your passion and your inner leader
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Sylvia Fynn-Marriner (Career Coaching):

“My passion is Growth and Development – I love to help people aim higher to reach their potential.

As a certified mBIT Career Coach with 16+ years’ experience in HR, Talent Attraction and Employer Brand, I help you with strate-gies to achieve your dreams and set you on a path of fulfillment and success!

Translating what I learned in the corporate world, I can help you connect to your inner mastery to make wiser choices, discover how to aim for the stars, be the best version of yourself and build a career doing what you LOVE…”


Danny Marriner (Life Coaching):

“I will encourage, inspire and empower you to live the life of your vision and dreams.

A Strength and Empowerment Coach with over 20 yours experience, specialising in personal leadership development and val-ues coaching. I help change your mental and emotional state to become more inspired to create something special through 1:1 sessions, group coaching and speaking events. If it’s about optimising your physical state and health, I can help with that too! My training approach has a holistic effect in both physical and mental areas”


     Career Coaching: 

Life Coaching:

     ♦ Purpose, values, personal brand

     ♦ Career planning and transition

      ♦ mBIT: multiple Brain Integration Techniques            

♦ Personal leadership development / Motivation

♦ Life skills, values, drivers, goals

 Strength / Empowerment                                                         

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GET UNSTUCK & BE INSPIRED! Connect with your inner mastery… and LIVE YOUR VISION and DREAMS

Tailored Topics Include:

  • Living to Your Highest Values;
  • Understanding Your WHY; Make Your Stand in Life;
  • Empower Your Life and the Life of Others; Present-Moment Thinking & Mindfulness;
  • Weight-loss and Mindset; How to Inspire Others into Action;
  • How to Be the Leader and NOT the Follower

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Aim for the stars, live on purpose and do what you LOVE…

Purpose ♦ Passion ♦ Power ♦ Potential