Transforming Life on Earth

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Eartheart is a Community that is  Transforming Life on Earth. It is a vehicle for humanities transformation and self realisation that  contributes to Peace on Earth, by assisting people to create a healthy environment internally, through holistic healing, empowerment training, karma yoga (selfless service) and world service.

Eartheart was born when its Custodian, went through a rapid and life changing awakening in 1999, where she realised her Divinity and reclaimed her past life mastery as a shaman, healer and spiritual teacher. Eartheart has continued to evolve and grow, with the embodiment of the awakening that Freya went through. Today Eartheart offers a fully integrated healing pathway, personalised for individuals and an Empowerment Training Pathway called “The Tree of Life” which assists humanity to awaken, realise their gifts and divine birthright and embody them.

Eartheart offers both Empowerment Education and a Holistic Healing Pathway that is personalised to each individual.

On offer:
A selection of our modalities;
* Atlas Alignment (C1 Vertebrae)
* Advanced Crystal Dreaming TM
* The Liquid Crystals – TLC
* Etheric Body Care Products for you and your home:
Purify Body Bars – Cleanse your aura and your body
Organic WA Smudge Sticks, Incense Blends and accessories
Crystals, Pendulums and Chakra Kits
Orgone Energy Devices – transmute Electo-magnetic Frequencies
* Empowerment Tools:
Eartheart will be launching their  new range of Aura soaps at the expo.
Upcoming Course Information / Bookings
Books: Spirit Guide, Spirit World, Alchemy of Crystals and Liquid Crystal Oracles
CDs: Your Body Is Your Temple and Crystal Dreaming
Hand made Sacred Geometry Jewellery