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Website:     Email: [email protected]    

Experience a Healthier YOU 

Clean Smooth Taste, Increased Energy, Faster recovery, Reduced Pain, Improved Skin, Mental Clarity, Improved Digestion, Weight Loss, Improved Sleep and much more…

These are the common testimonials from people who drink the water daily from their Sexy Water supplied unit, thanks to the powerful 3 properties within the water.

  1. Charged Antioxidants
  2. Improved Hydration
  3. Detoxification

Water is the most important nutrient your body needs to survive and thrive…At Sexy Water we provide you with education about improving the quality of your water so that you can make a conscious decision on the water you drink and bathe in.

We live in a world, which is causing oxidative stress to our bodies, which can lead to illness and disease. Acidic stress also plays a role towards poor health and we have the power of choice to eliminate these two states by simply improving the water we drink and bathe in.

Would you want to ensure your body and your family’s bodies were being nurtured to help experience a healthier, happier you?

Through Japanese Medical Grade water technology, which has been helping people for over 40 years, this is exactly what Sexy Water is able to offer you.

Since 2015, Sexy Water has helped hundreds of local families experience a healthier and happier life…via simple yet powerful education.

With proven science from PubMed and other reliable sources to support their education, Sexy Water has become the ‘most trusted hydration wellness’ company in the market place.

If you think your tap, filtered, rain or spring water is healthy for you…you may just want to speak to the team at Sexy Water for your FREE water test…they have helped many people realise the truth.

Take advantage of your FREE 14 day trial, contact the team TODAY.      Dave:0466 962 567

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“I have had no hesitation in recommending the program to my friends and family and to anyone who has any health and/or nutrition concerns; a weight loss goal and uncertainty over how to achieve it; or simply wants to be the best “you” that’s physically possible.” – Brett Snell, Assistant Director Administrative Law – DRGL

Sexy Water supply Enagic water ionizer filtration units which are Scientifically and Medically proven to produce the best water you and your family can drink. Sexy Water is the Energised Mind Body brand name for Enagic Kangen Water ®, a Japanese company, which has been improving the health of people around the world for over 41 years. Sexy Water provides you with a medically graded home ionization filtration unit, which removes chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals from your drinking water, whilst keeping the essential minerals in your water, ionizing it so it is packed with antioxidants. This water has helped people experience incredible health benefits from weight loss through to helping fight Cancer. No other water ionizing filtration system on the planet can perform like an Enagic unit.


“Once you drink Sexy Water you never go back. How it makes you feel is a testimony to the machine. Energy, sleep, digestion all functioning much better for me. Plus my eczema on my hand is gone, and that’s been there for life” – Clint Morgan, Big Brand Speaking


Your health is our number one concern, we create a customised program for you, so you can progress further on your journey to better health and happiness.

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