Fine Art Underwater Photography

Glen Cowan

Booth E4


I am not quite sure why we call our planet Earth, when over 70% of its surface is water, and within that water exists 90% of all our living creatures. Life on this planet began in the water, and when I am immersed in the ocean it is as if I am visiting a beautiful alternate realm that is so very different than my own. For me it is a place where you can feel your pulse slow as your senses seem to calm. It is as if you are returning to an ancient past, perhaps one that we share in common with all living creatures.

To me the obvious name for this planet would be Ocean.

With my photography I wish to share a vicarious journey, one where you can witness just a mere fraction of the wonders that exist under the surface of our seas and I hope that just like me, that you will discover a beauty far greater than can ever be imagined.”

Works available range from my Coffee Table Book, Limited Edition, Open Edition and Blockmount Prints, and the perfect wearable art of the Ocean with my “Sea Drops” Pendants and Rings.

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