Harmony Me Healing

Marnie Cate

Conscious Living Expo Nov 3-5 Booth P1

Website: www.marnie-cate.com   Contact DetailsEmail:   [email protected]    T: 0427 828 596



Harmony Me Healing was developed by Marnie Cate and is now growing into a beautiful community of healers who want to help empower and bring harmony to others.

This nationally recognised healing is a gentle combination of energy healing, soothing hands-on healing and empowering intuitive guidance to help you and your well-being. Self-knowledge is power and who doesn’t want to be powerful? Open to all ages, enjoy this hour-long session to feel balanced, rejuvenated and positive in your life.





Marnie is a clairvoyant and healer who loves to connect each and every person to their psychic gifts and Spirit. Her journey with the spirit world, as a seer and understanding her own psychic and empathic abilities encouraged her to create this beautiful healing modality that is Harmony Me Healing. Discover it for yourself at the Conscious Living Expo in November 2017 by enjoying a demonstration session at booth P1 or invest in an Expo special by becoming an accredited practitioner yourself. See you there!