Organic Superfoods with a Positive Message

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Hello! I am Organic Superfoods with a Positive Message

Experience the power of positive eating with I Am Foods.

Pack your pantry and your Mind with daily ‘I am’ affirmations and keep your Body smiling with nutrient rich superfoods.

Created with a conscious Heart, we care for our world and you can too. Eat Positive. Think I am Foods.

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At I Am Foods, we believe in the ‘Power of Positive Eating’ – The foods you choose to eat everyday can have a positive impact on your health, the health of your family AND the health of our planet!

So, how do you eat positive? By eating I am foods, you are choosing the highest quality superfoods available, Certified Organic (ACO) and free from damaging pesticides and chemicals. That’s a positive for you and for the environment!

On another positive note, every nutrient rich packet is printed with a powerful ‘I Am’ affirmation on its label. Seeing these affirming messages everyday in your pantry helps to reinforce a positive state of mind in you and your family.

We have put our hearts and minds into our foods and do everything possible to ensure that they are sourced with fairness and respect to the farmers, producers and of course, Mother Nature, who made it all possible in the first place.

Support our local WA brand and buy online at www.iamfoods.com.au and at our selected stockists.

You can also learn share and experience more by following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/iamfoods.

Eat positive. Think I am foods. 

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