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Lifestyle by Laptop is a company that has been born out of the frustrations of its founders with the way that network marketing companies operate, and the number of online scams that exist. The vision of the company is to be the world’s number 1 personal development platform, and to be able to guarantee that ANYONE can build a home based business by following their simple automated process.

Lifestyle by Laptop help you design your life and create an income online. They do this via their 90% automated system, which includes all required technology, and even an in-house sale team. This means that you only have one thing to learn, which is using Facebook to build your business online… Then live your life with the freedom and choice that an online business provides.

Lifestyle by Laptop have some solid promises. NO harassing friends and family. NO posts on your personal Facebook wall. NO hidden costs. Truth and Support at every stage of your business.