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Trish graduated as a doctor in 1991 and spent 20 years working in hospitals then general practice. In 2012 Trish experienced what she calls a wonderful shake up. She developed severe insomnia around her work in the busy general practice setting and had to reevaluate. This was her body’s way of guiding her towards honoring her hearts calling. Trish realized she needed to focus her attention on helping people heal from psychological stress and find their way through fear towards love. Trish feels healing is a journey towards your true self. The more authentic we become the more whole we feel. Ultimately the discovery is that who we are is consciousness or love. In her own Mindfulness practice Trish now accesses deep spaces of beingness and love. The journey does take an ongoing willingness to face ourselves honestly, to step towards vulnerability, to be compassionate to ourselves and others and to practice presence. Trish knows how to heal others because she has healed herself.

Training includes ;many years of medical study and practice, two years training in psychotherapy, many years of practice in Mindfulness and teaching Mindfulness for the last 5 years.

Special Offer at Expo

Participants will be able to sign up for my next mindfulness workshop on the 11/11/18 for FREE.

Trish practices in Woodlands and  offers

Counselling and Psychotherapy covering all mental illness or psychological distress

Mindfulness Workshops practical and experiential guidance towards healing

Mind/ Body Health; facilitating psychological wellness to benefit physical issues such as weight or chronic disease

Spirituality is covered only if that is your interest, if not that is OK, see it as learning to live from your heart.

Contact Trish:     Email; [email protected]     Phone 0419 896 373