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At the Expo  Lou Van Stone will be offering  – One-On-One Psychic Sound Healing Sessions at Booth 56

Celestial singer, Channel and Sound Healer, Lou Van Stone is a vessel for the forces of nature, absorbing the energy from her rainforest home and birthing it into song.

In these sessions, Lou will channel conscious, divine music from deep in the earth and high in the heavens and breathe it gently into you. Her haunting voice carries a powerful healing energy.  A hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, from which you will emerge transformed.

Lou’s voice performs a form of ‘Sonic Surgery’. Penetrating deep into your cells, leaving them dancing and vibrating with light.

Lou will create a totally unique song, channelled especially for you.  You will receive healing, wisdom, insights and feel the power of unconditional love.  You will also gain clarity around issues that are affecting you in your life right now.

There will be an opportunity to purchase a CD of the music recorded during your session.  This will enable you to continue to work with the sound vibrational energy long after your session has finished.  Many of Lou’s clients listen to their session CD every day and use it for meditation, relaxation and comfort during times of stress.



“Sitting here tonight listening to Lou’s CD, tears pouring down again, oh gosh…I feel inadequate to write something that comes close to encapsulating what Lou does and the gift she has given me, but here goes: Enveloped in Color, Incantations, vibrations, integration, a blending, flow, devotional, abiding harmony, the joining of masculine and feminine, sanctuary – A lullaby from the Divine Mother, God, Goddess, All That Is. An Aria for the Soul and pure driven BEAUTY.  These are the words and feelings that came to me as I entered the sacred space that Lou creates with her voice and her music. I have had a “hole in my heart” for over 40 years, it’s gone now– no longer a cold, sad wind whistling through it.  A profound healing has taken place through her music and I am forever changed.  Blessings on Lou & her work.” Ruthanne Martin, Tarot Healer, France

“Lou has shamanic power, guided by unseen forces and intuitive skill.  I could feel the music profoundly in my energetic field and body.  Lou’s sound took me on a spirit journey that was deeply ancestral and reconnected me to an ancient bloodline.  She sang me through visions I’ll never forget, her tonal range reaching through earth and heavens”. Dani, Singer, Byron Bay, Australia

With a sound that’s constantly evolving, Lou Van Stone combines soaring, ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation and hypnotic loops. The haunting, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. Described as a ‘Celestial Musician’, Lou taps into a divine source, bringing forth captivating songs to inspire and uplift. Lou’s unique sound merges with many influences to produce a potent fusion, a hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, that leaves the listener transformed.

Lou has recorded seven albums, including ‘Awakening To Big Nature Feelings’, produced by renowned singer Rick Price and ‘All Is Well’ with producers Michael Worthington and Leonardo Guardo. Lou is currently in the studio, completing her latest album ‘Line To Divine’ with producer Michael Worthington She is also working on a further album ‘And There Is Beauty’.