Jeanne Prosser – Numerologist

Numerology and Your Child

Booth M103
Jeanne Prosser is a numerologist and author who lives with her husband in Perth’s northern suburbs. She has been practicing numerology for almost thirty years. A former registered nurse and wellness practitioner, Jeanne combines her expertise in health and wellness with intuitive understanding during client consultations.She also enjoys teaching about the vibrations of numbers, both locally and interstate.Jeanne’s book, ‘Numerology and Your Child’, co-authored with Penelope Ditchburn, provides simple techniques to reward you with a deeper understanding of your child’s internal world. It offers guidance on how to name your baby using numerology, for example, and insights into parenting styles according to your numbers as mum or dad.



If you would like to find out more about this book, come along and meet Jeanne at Booth G2. She will also be doing numerology readings for adults as well as children’s profiles. Her talk at the Speaker’s Café, ‘Balance Your Numbers, Balance Your Life. How Numerology Can Help You’, is on Saturday, 3rd June at 3pm.

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