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Heather Jean

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At the age of 40  years Heather had a profound life changing experience in Hawaii which has led to her new consciousness work with Mother Earth, humanity and the cosmos through Shamanic Sound Alchemy .  She  has just released her first  book and practitioners course on “Sound Alchemy, Creating and Healing Through Sound”.

Heather Jean is an Oracle of  Sound  universal spiritual teacher/healer, sound alchemist, author and speaker. She has been described as a modern day medicine woman and earth mother to all. A clear trance channel of the sacred divine mother in all her aspects,  she was gifted with the ability to open gateways to higher states of awareness and consciousness through sound,  awakening others to their destiny and bringing humanity and the earth, love, healing, peace and balance.

Heather Jean offers

  • Alchemy Crystal bowls Magic of You training
  • Oracle of Sound Healing Courses for Practitioners .
  • Bali Sound Heali
    ng Retreats
  • Books

Interview with Heather Jean