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Master Parag Pattani started his journey into Reiki in 1997 and since then healing has been his passion, his first love. He attained his Mastership in Reiki in 2000 and went on to attain Mastership in Crystal healing in 2004. Parag has his lineage in India and practises Reiki with a zeal and passion and brings with him vast experience in the area of healing and teaching.

Based in Singapore, he does healing and teaching worldwide, and travels worldwide in pursuit of his passion. His scope of work includes healing physical ailments, emotional release, counselling, healing of situations and karmic influences and Space Clearing. Parag also offers courses and workshops in Reiki and Crystals Healing.

Master Parag has authored a book “Reiki Symbols – A Revelation, based on his intuitive research of symbols in their present form.

At his booth, he offers the ever popular Chakra Energising and Balancing Sessions, besides offering courses in Reiki Healing and Workshops on Crystal Healing.