Seed Sister

Kanga Health Food Pty Ltd

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Contact Kerri-Ann Garraway on 0403 047 020 |  08 9 344 2888 

 12 Honeymyrtle Turn, Stirling WA  6021


Sister Seed products are  raw, gluten free, mostly organic blend of seeds with organic goji berries and cranberries (Seeds N Stuff).  They also sell a fruit free blend (Seeds NO Stuff), so without the fruit.    Both products are very high in protein and fibre, omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s and low in carbohydrates and very low in fructose.


It is not processed so it can be sprouted, eaten as a breakfast cereal with yoghurt, juice or milk, used in smoothies as a protein supplement and is a suitable alternative to meat and is delicious on salads, roast vegies, stir fries and curries.


Kerri Ann makes it right here in WA and she has it for sale in health food stores, Farmer Jacks, specialty supermarkets and some IGA;s.


The Seed Sister website has a  list  of all the ingredients, stockists and has lots of recipes.