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Many problems in our body come from the alignment of our feet. In our modern life we walk in shoes and on hard flat surfaces – not what nature intended! Poor foot alignment affects not only the feet (bunions, heel pain, flat feet) but is also a major cause of knee and back pain.

Maybe you’ve tried shoe inserts from a chemist or shoe shop, and found they don’t really do the job. Maybe you’ve had custom-made orthotics but found they created other problems and could not be worn in many of your shoes? Dr George Alzner developed some flexing orthotics in the 1950’s and 60’s that actually train the foot back to the anatomically correct shape and develop the muscles in that new shape. They became commercially available when Step Forward Orthotics was launched in Seattle, USA in 1974. They have now been available in Australia for 11 years.

Step Forward Orthotics are used by a wide variety of doctors and therapists, from massage therapists to GP’s and from reflexologists to chiropractors.

Step Forward Orthotics spring up and down with every step, exercising the muscles, simulating walking barefoot in nature – they are the “natural” approach to rectifying a myriad of foot-related issues throughout the body. Come and see us. We offer a free appraisal and test walk without any obligation.

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