For over 30 years Conscious Living has been at the forefront of   supporting the growth of health and wellness businesses in   Western  Australia. This year to celebrate our 30th anniversary  we   are producing a FREE Guide to showcase the services and products   of the leading Health & Wellness practitioners and businesses in   Perth which will be released at the Conscious Living Expo on   October 19-21. 
 Circulation: All visitors to the Expo will receive a copy as  well as 5,000 copies circulated to health clinics,   bookstores, libraries  PLUS Digital copies emailed to   8,000   subscribers.   
You are invited to be included in the Directory with an exclusive   advertising package.   Your advertisement will be dramatically   enhanced by offering a FREE Gift or Discount or Special Offer.   That  is why we have partnered with a Business  coach and mentor,   Rochelle McDonnell to assist you in crafting your message and your   offer to attract long term paying  clients.


 FREE Masterclass to help you to attract more clients

 As part of your advertising package you will receive a FREE one day   masterclass with Rochelle  to craft your message and hone your   strategy to generate enquiries and secure long term paying clients. 


Bookings close September 19th