Power Tube

Swiss engineer, mathematician, musician and inventor, Martin Frischknecht incorporated science, sacred geometry and mathematics to create  Power Tube, which has been shown to be effective in pain management and boosting immunity.

Leading edge scientific research says that “all is energy” and as we know energy is vibration, whether is be light, colour, sound or frequency.
It has been recognised by some in the scientific community that vibration is the future of healing. Swiss engineer, mathematician, musician and inventor Martin Frischknecht knew these concepts when he began to explore frequency healing almost 20 years ago. His first device was the Frizap in 1998, followed by the Power Quickzap and fi-nally the Powertube was perfected in 2006. The Powertube is 300% more powerful than any of his previous inventions.
Martin himself had suffered immense pain for many years from acute rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy, which motivated to him to invent this health device to aid others with their pain and suffering.

Research shows that modern day living with its stresses cause the hexagonal molecular structure of the water molecules in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, in our body to misalign. This allows toxins and viruses to infiltrate, which reduces the body’s energy, leading to pain and disease. It is said that chronic disease and pain is almost always associated with an acidic pH level.
The Powertube with its 3 frequencies works to rea-lign this molecular patterning back to its optimum state and assists with balancing your body’s pH to an optimal level. When our pH is optimal, it increases the mili-voltage of the cellular membrane and the higher the milivoltage the healthier the cells in the body. This then enables to detoxify and heal itself.

The Powertube is a registered medical device in Australia for pain and its symptoms.