Meditation Spirit

A Journey to Awaken Your Inner Soul – Jacqueline Bell Saturday 3pm

.Sound Temple October 26, 2019 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

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Jacqueline Bell

Join Jacqueline on a meditative and healing journey to Awakening your Inner Soul.

Synchronise with the essence of your Soul and reconnect with your divine blueprint. This will allow you to remember, accept and accelerate your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

Re-connect with your soul’s identity, allowing the light inside of you to become one with the Universal light, facilitating connection and surrender to your own divine plan.

Re-align with your soul’s wisdom enabling you to move beyond current limitations to a new understanding and awareness of self, allowing you to embrace a new paradigm of truth and return to a state of health, vitality, wholeness and abundance.

Expand your inner power and knowing – be free to evolve to the next level of self. During the meditation Jacqueline will invoke a sequence of ancient symbols given to her by Sprit, which when connected with your cellular structure, will awaken dormant DNA and expand the pineal gland, allowing you to receive more light.

The symbols provide a stabilising structure to your energy to assist in its evolution, and they have an innate wisdom that knows and understands the earthly transitions we are experiencing now. The symbols connect you to your celestial being and are able to reduce the conflict between the spiritual and earthly realms, and therefore the conflict within self, bringing inner peace and clarity to the mind, body, soul and spirit.