Awakening to 5D + Celestial Journey – On Wings of Light Sunday 11am

.Sound Temple October 27, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Patrick McCormick
Rebekah Renee

We now stand between Heaven and Earth as they join to Fulfill our Destiny. To get there, however, we must Ascend. Karton, an Interdimensional Being channeled through Patrick McCormick, will share ways we can stand in both worlds of Spirit and Matter. By Balancing both the seen and unseen in our lives while the Earth is shifting into a new Paradigm, we hold the place for the human race to Awaken.

As Light Workers, we Stand as Pillars of Heaven on Earth. It is through our access to both worlds we become conduits of Higher Celestial Energy awakening us to who we truly are. To best integrate the new energies, Kartron will activate Celestial Codes for the New Earth.


As the Angels now offer to assist in our Awakening, we must know how to invoke and work with them. By opening our selves to their Presence, they Activate our Light as we Crystallize into our New Earth Bodies. Rebekah Renee, Creator of ANGELS 911 takes us on a Celestial Journey into the New Earth on WINGS OF LIGHT. Explaining how best to deal with Ascension Symptoms which can lead to vertigo and other unstable conditions, Rebekah shares how she handles the intense cosmic energies that transmit through her.

They will then offer THE HEALING MIRACLE, a direct Angelic Energy Transmission for remote healing of ourselves. Afterward, Rebekah will install an Angelic Portal, a Beam between Heaven and Earth to help us Fulfill our Destiny.

This workshop will be streamed live from Florida USA and participants will be able to ask questions and have a complete experience of the transmissions from Kartron channeled through Patrick and the Angelic Portal through Rebekah.

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