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Celestial Sound Healing Voyage with Lou Van Stone Friday 3:30pm

Sound Temple October 19, 2018 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Lou Van Stone

In this small group session in the Sound Temple at Conscious Living Expo join Lou as she channels conscious divine music from deep in the earth and high in the heavens and breathes it gently into you. Her haunting voice carries a powerful healing energy. A hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, from which you will emerge transformed.

Celestial singer, Channel and Sound Healer, Lou Van Stone is a vessel for the forces of nature, absorbing the energy from her rainforest home and birthing it into song. This is beyond singing, it is an energy transmission. The beautiful, bell-like quality of her voice is winning over audiences world-wide.

Lou’s other-worldly music carries a potent healing frequency and has the power to move the listener to tears and inspire great insight and understanding. Ethereal and shamanic, Lou creates a lush landscape where you can rest, restore and awaken. Prepare to be transported to another dimension”.

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This ticket includes admission to the Conscious Living Expo Friday 19th October