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Celestial Sound Healing Voyage with Christine Morrison Friday 3:30pm

.Sound Temple October 19, 2018 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Christine Morrison

Come and be held in a space of divine love and pure heart essence, connecting you deeper with your soul, with the earth and the cosmos.
Christine tunes into your soul, and channels the sounds and music, attuning you with your soul’s essence and purpose. Christine will guide you to safely connect with your divine heart, leaving you bathing in blissful angelic vibes.

Christine Morrison is a unique Musician, Sound Healer, Musical Alchemist, Composer and Teacher, who has been working with sound for 20 years. Whatever your soul requires, her sounds and music reach it – in a gentle and compassionate way, allowing you to discover your inner talents and knowledge.


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This ticket includes admission to the Conscious Living Expo Friday 19th October


Lou Van Stone gives thanks to Christine for offering the Celestial Sound Healing Voyage as she had to withdraw from the program due to unforeseen circumstances.