Heal Yourself through Intuitive Connection with Nature Saturday 2.35pm

.Mainstage October 26, 2019 2:35 pm - 3:30 pm

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Rochelle McDonnell

Rochelle brings her skills and energetic intuitive connection with people and animals together, creating a unique experience that goes beyond the needs of the physical to a pure alignment to the energy that is the life force that flows through us, nature and all living things.

This experiential session  will take you on a journey of discovery and connection and end with a meditation so you can create the life, health, connection and alignment you desire.

You can release a life time of struggle, body aches and pains, and free the mind of the road blocks to activate your life and your life’s work. This dynamic and guided session will assist you to experience the connection to all that is you and the energy that is All that Is (God, Source, the Universe – whatever word you use).

Break through the roadblocks and deal breakers where you

  • lack clarity on your real purpose/goals
  • are afraid to ask for what you want
  • struggle to charge what you’re worth
  • feel guilty for really going for success
  • believe others have less if you have more
  • think it’s not ‘spiritual’ to be wealthy
  • struggle with pain and sickness
  • Or just ‘feel stuck’

Join Rochelle in this guided activation, become the difference in the world you desire to see, connect to the moment, love the life you’re living and move with ease, grace and joy in all you do.

There is something so powerful emerging on the planet right now, and YOU have a part in it.
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