Meditation Spirit

Meditation: Your Cosmic Connection Sunday 2.30pm

.Sound Temple October 27, 2019 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Tony Norgrove

Now is the time to shake off the shackles of the old enslaving dynamics, to embrace the cosmos as foretold by Ancient civilisations. We are all emotional beings, and in this guided meditation you  will feel this real connection with your Star Ancestors. This meditation will take you deep, for a personal experience with your primary Star Group. Our Cosmic Ancestors are here en masse to support the light force now shining upon us all.

It’s your time to shine, hence the need for a ‘Connection!’.

The Connection begins with an Auric cleanse to uplift you, releasing stress to raise your vibration closer to that of theirs. The Starship Portal above the open-minded experiencers will guide Tony with guided imagery so an authentic visual and felt experience can be activated.  You will know it’s happening.  Sometimes a door opens to a new path, and you just know to step through it!  The Arcturians add, “To you Starseeds and Angel winged beings, we await your reaching out.” Today is that day.