Creating a Potent daily Healing Practice – 1/2 Day Workshop with Inna Segal Sunday 1pm-5pm

.Talks Theatre October 27, 2019 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Inna Segal

In the current climate where so many people are stressed, overwhelmed and are constantly bombarded by everything from electricity to 5G to, chemtrails, to media to social media etc. We do not have the luxury to wait until we are sick to start creating a healing practice that strengthens our bodies.

In this workshop…

Inna will share some of the most powerful healing exercises and tools that she and many others have used to strengthen their astral, etheric and physical bodies.

These processes can be used whether you are feeling totally well to, protect yourself from harmful influences and build you inner strength or if you are sick.

Moreover some of these processes open your heart chakra and awaken your intuitive capacities in a safe way.

Learn what to do when you first wake up to create strength for body and soul and discover most powerful exercises to do during the day and at work

Learn healing and rejuvenating evening processes to create the most revitalising sleep

Walk away with your own healing practice.


Usually $275 for each 4 hr workshop

SPECIAL  Conscious Living Expo price $120⭐️

Until 24th October

Early Bird Special -Click on the link below to Buy your Ticket for Inna Segal’s Workshops under Early Bird Ticket Packages to receive FREE Admission into the Expo before October 25th

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