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Earth Play Kids Corner November 3, 2017 -

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Kryystal McMum


Are you worried about your child’s inability to play and be creative?

Do you have concerns about your child’s increasing reliance on technology and the side effects of it?

Do you have concerns about your child’s problem-solving abilities?

Would you like your child to be able to self-actualize?

To be more pro-active and resilient…

Would you like to better be able to meet your child’s needs?

Would you like to see your child more easily contented with simple pleasures of life?


Kristi creates  a world of opportunities for children to engage with the elements with activities that they can then recreate in their own lives. She will be hosting hour long workshops for parents and children that demonstrate how to access nature through elemental play.The Earth play workshops  immerse children and adults in activities that deeply connect them with the elements.

EARTH PLAY FOSTERS…Creative imagination and self-directed play.   Earth play reboots children, reawakening their innate creativity.

builds social skills, creativity, self-directed play, problem solving and motor skills, Improves immunity, imagination, ingenuity and

creates harmony in the child’s being through connection with the elements.

 Elemental play workshops

10:00-11:15 water, mud, potions

11:30-12:45 clay, dream catchers, potions

13:00-14:15 weaving, making bread dough, potions

14:30-15:45 Water, mud, clay, weaving, potions

Tickets: $9.00 per session or $27 for a Family Day Pass for 2 Children and 2 Adults including admission

Dual workshops- adults and children maximum numbers for each session 25 (up to fifteen kids/ up to ten adults)

Story telling session at end of each session (how to engage with your children through story/ how to find the new

Sessions are held by time parameters with flexibility inbuilt to allow for child care arrangements whilst parents attend sessions for themselves. Random conversations will be encouraged in this experiential space.