Ascension and 5 D Activation with Twin Flame Activator, Raghida InKa Shaman Sunday 11.30am

.Sound Temple October 27, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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As a practising Shaman from the Inka Tradition Raghida always opens sacred space with the Inka Medicine Wheel, so the indigenous spirits, elders and custodians of the land are honoured and respected. Raghida tunes into the energy of the group dynamic on the day, opens up a collective soul star which is activated for healing DNA calibration and instant awakening into the soul meridians. This begins to calibrate each individual through her voice, tone, downloads and frequency attunement to facilitate inner DNA healing, awakening and channelling especially for each soul evolution that is present.

Raghida speaks about 5D Activation Ascension, Twin Flames, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Maths, Collective Soul Pod Healing. She opens and awakens your DNA and all your light codes through her voice.


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