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Release Invisible Stress From Your Aura – Keynote Workshop with Tony Norgrove Saturday 11am

.Sound Temple October 26, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Tony Norgrove

The energies in a person’s auric field has a big impact upon happiness and daily wellbeing. Your auric field may be holding unwanted energies and stress clouds/bubbles,  that may be the cause of unexplained tiredness, aches, and pains, overthinking and depression.

Tony will take you on a journey and share some techniques that you can use to clear your aura and release negative thought patterns. You will be shown how to check that the protection is working. It is easy – it lasts a lifetime and can be tested even by a child.

Are you ready to receive a gift that could give you a simple means to shield your thinking and help to bring you back to a state of emotional wellbeing, clarity, and joy?

Early Bird Special -Click on the link below to Buy your Ticket for Release Stress from Your Aura  under Early Bird Ticket Packages to receive FREE Admission into the Expo before October 25th

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