Unlock Your Genes for Weight Loss

Talks Theatre October 20, 2018 11:45 am - 12:30 pm

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Dr Peter Dingle

There are simple changes we can make to lead to dramatic and permanent weight loss without having to count calories, do fad diets or even fast. The latest scientific research shows how working alongside your genes and not going against millions of years of evolution you can lose a kilo or more a week. It all comes down to a couple of really simple concepts including nutrient density, the right type of probiotics and protein to name a few. Science is even able to tell us how much we will lose with each new change.

While the real killers for weight loss are things we can easily remove for our lives. If you ever thought it was hard to lose weight Peter Dingle highly recommend going to this thought provoking presentation which brings common sense and science to the table, leaving us with many thought provoking ideas to ponder and challenge us but most of all to help us lose weight.