Conscious Living Expo November 3-5 Is Going To Be Spectacular

Energetic changes are transforming the planet and our reality. It is time to embrace and connect more fully with our true nature and purpose. Transformation will lead to change in our lives and  our  relationships with family and friends,  bringing a new world view.

When you join us for this once in a lifetime event you will connect with awakened leaders, teachers and ordinary individuals who are stepping up and helping us to meet the challenges that are arising.  Embracing the way forward and flowing into your destiny will be easier when you open yourself to explore what is presenting itself in your life right now.

The Conscious Living Expo is Perth’s most uplifting event of the year.  Established since 1988 it is the longest running independent Expo of its kind in Australia.


Help us to Empower Girls and Women  in Impoverished Communities We donate 10% of  your Ticket Price to PLAN  INTERNATIONAL  

Find Inspiration to Change

The program of speakers is truly inspirational  featuring  the leading practitioners and authors in the fields of health and healing, spiritual growth, personal development, nutrition and natural medicine.  The 3 Day Program includes  32 Free Talks , 13 Keynote Seminars , and 6 Featured Events with our Keynote Speakers as well as experiential meditations .

Our speakers address  a wide range of topical subjects from Gut Health and the effects of Vaccinations on the immune system to Toxins in Personal Care Products and how to stay healthy on a plant based diet.

Connect to your True Self

Each morning the Expo opens with the 5 Songs of Purpose – A guided message from Source with Rochelle and Sandra J. This meditation is filled with the beauty, purity and light of healing and connection. It will lead you to your higher self, bringing you home with a gentleness and purity that connects you to all that you are and ‘All that is’.

Don’t Miss our Keynote Speaker Q&A Discussion Panels on the Main Stage

Friday’s Panel explores What is Healing? Divinely channelled, and vibrational healing is taking us into a new paradigm transcending many of the established modalities of natural therapies. Our panellists are: Dr Cushla Lovejoy PhD, Johnny Garcia from Mexico, Sandra Junkerstorff,  Rochelle McDonnell  Larissa O’Neill, Zoran Cunjak and Freya Savitri-McDonald .

Saturday’s Q & A explores   Finding Your True Purpose Rochelle O’Donnell and Sandra Junkerstorff   will give personal guided messages through connection to Source in answer to audience questions about purpose and passion to reveal your why and move you to a higher place of enlightened purpose.

Sunday’s Panel “Authors Inspired by Spirit” , hosted by Patricia Hamilton explores the challenge of writing and getting your  spirit  inspired work published . Carolyn McAndrew, a publisher is joined by authors, Kez Wickham St George; Sandra Junkerstoff, Rochelle McDonnell, Anthony Grzelka and Adam Barralet

Find Healing  

Meet our exhibitors and get to know what is available in the holistic community to assist you to live a more sustainable healthy life in these times of great change.  Explore and experience the latest natural therapies, sample herbs, essential oils and protection from electromagnetic radiation. Sample advanced nutritional products and enjoy delicious organic and gluten free food and drinks.

Receive rejuvenating pain relief treatments including reflexology, kinesiology, Indian head massage, aromatherapy massage, Atlas Alignment, Energy and  Pranic Healing ,  Ajna Light Therapy, Bioresonance  Treatments,  Divine Healing and more.


Find Guidance and Acceptance  

Have a reading with Perth’s leading Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot Readers and Numerologists and gain insight and receive helpful guidance for your life’s journey. Have your aura photographed and connect with your spirit guides in a portrait of your personal guide. Relax and enjoy free meditations every day to calm the mind and connect to your inner self in the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Room


Children – get down and dirty with Elemental Earth Play 

Earth Play fosters creative imagination and self-directed play by immersing  children  in activities that deeply connect them with the natural elements.  For children who live in a world of instant screen gratification Earth Play can improve  problem solving and motor skills, immunity,  imagination,  ingenuity ,  build social skills and create harmony.

Kristi  McMullan , the creator of Earth Parenting,  has been sharing this knowledge with families and schools for over ten years.  It is her understanding that children are hard-wired to need connection with nature for their full development.  In early childhood, the neural network of their brains is developed through physical connection with the elements.

Earth Play sessions take place every day  for 1 hour

  • Water, mud, potions
  • Clay, dream catchers, potions
  • Weaving, making bread dough, potions
  • Water, mud, clay, weaving, potions

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Celestial Sound Voyage with Lou Van Stone


Sound Priestess, Lou channels conscious divine music from deep in the earth and high in the heavens and sings it gently into the core of your being.  This transcends singing, it is Sonic Surgery. Penetrating deep into your cells, leaving them dancing and vibrating with light. In her Celestial Sound Healing Voyage sessions in the Sound Temple Lou Van Stone channels personal messages for each person through the language of light and sound. A hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, from which you will emerge transformed.

Australia’s Ghost Whisperer gives Messages from Heaven


In a live awe inspiring performance Anthony Grzelka will entertain and enlighten, while at the same time having audiences questioning what they think about heaven and the afterlife.


Connect with the Divine Mothers and Activate your Heart Energy


Dr Cushla Lovejoy and Johnny Garcia channel the Divine Mothers who will take you on a journey to experience and open your heart energy. Receive a personal inspirational card and messages as you immerse yourself in the Divine Mothers’ energy in a deeply healing meditation.

Julian Silburn takes you on a Sound Alchemy Journey

Julian has devoted his life to sound healing and is known for his work nationally and internationally. He learned Yidaki, (Didjeridu) directly from Aboriginal people around Australia including Arnhem land (where the Yidaki originates), and has been playing and healing for more than 20 years. Julian Silburn’s sessions will activate and open your heart energy raising your vibrations and lifting your energy. In this space healing often happens.

Vibrational Sound Bath with Kyela

Miranda and Karl are co-creators of the Australian College of Sound Therapy, Together they play Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio pipes, Fibonacci chimes, Koshi bells , Wuhan wind gong and a Symphonic gong.  The sounds of the instruments are both enchanting and captivating .  Being in a session feels like a deeply relaxing vibrational massage for your whole being.  Kyela are offering  three sessions each day at the Expo


Having experienced her own journey through insomnia, stress-related illness and chronic pain, Melissa has found a solution in the ‘ The Sounder Sleep System™, the only modality created specifically to combat insomnia. Thirteen years as a yoga and meditation teacher has enabled her to train over 10,000 people in the art of relaxation.