“Education is an opportunity for our mobs to support and promote families to participate in life autonomy, take control of their opportunities and create a platform for the next generation to enhance their wellbeing.”  Dr Vanessa Lee, University of Sydney academic

We are pleased to announce that the Conscious Living Expo is now supporting the Indigenous Scholarship fund in partnership with Yalari.  We have joined a new ticketing platform – Humanitix and all fees associated with the purchase of online tickets to the Conscious Living Expo will be donated to the Indigenous Scholarship fund.

In the news and on government websites positive stories show how the achievements of indigenous students are making a valuable contribution to our community. We want to help enable this to become the norm and not something extraordinary.

Yalari provides real educational opportunities for Indigenous children and is supported nationally by generous individuals, philanthropic foundations, companies, government and many fantastic volunteers.

Yalari’s mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. Their vision is to provide trusted, quality educational opportunities for Indigenous children to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families and make a valuable contribution as Australians. 

We celebrate the good news stories, but we know that there are many barriers that hold our indigenous youth and adults back from pursuing their education in their chosen fields. Barriers to education range from economic, health and geographic barriers for those living in regional, rural and remote communities. Statistics tell us that indigenous Australians who complete year 12 is 27{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} below non-indigenous Australians. Together let’s help close this gap.

We hope the funds donated will help prepare the way for indigenous students to have the same opportunities available to them as the rest of our kids to have. In this small way we can help them to to overcome the barriers to achieving their dreams and potential.

For more information go to  www.yalari.org

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