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Chronic Inflammation Fighting Back: Deb Nye   2.45pm Friday

Your Divine Spark – Mary Marechal & Margo Norman 12.00pm Friday

Tao Calligraphy Blessing – Anne Stewart 3.45pm Friday

Ascension and 5 D Activation – Raghida 12pm Friday

Neuro Flexibility – Joe Mosca 1.00pm Friday

Gut Health – Easy Ways to Get Your Health Back – Hayley Peak Saturday 10am

Unlock your Genes for Weight Loss – Dr Peter Dingle 11.45am Saturday

How Can you Change your Habits to Live the Life You Deserve ?- Christoffel Sneijders 2.30pm Saturday

Sick Building Syndrome – Gerard Bini – 3.30pm Saturday

Hu: The Sound of Soul Free Meditation – Jean Hunt 1.00pm Saturday

Yoga Nidra Conscious Dreaming – Will Forde 4.45pm Saturday

Gut Secrets – Dr Peter Dingle 10.00am Sunday

Energy Medicine – Cynthia Harrison 12.00pm Sunday

A New Dawn in Working with Crystals – Adam Barralet 1.00pm Sunday

Does Eating Make You Fat? Stuart Morick 2.15pm Sunday

Guided Activation for Positive Change – Rochelle McDonnell 3.15pm Sunday

The Magical Healing Power of Sound and Music – India Jiva 1.45pm Sunday