Gail Thackray  was completely “normal” until she  turned 40 when suddenly and spontaneously, she was able to hear the voices of people “on the other side” and do other “paranormal” stuff.  She thought, “If I can do this, everyone can!”   Gail  now attunes people to the spirits she works with and teach them how to do this. She  also shares her experiences and connection with Brazilian spiritual healer John of God.    In this article Gail explains how we can access the invisible realms to heal ourselves and release blockages to improve our health and wealth.

I believe there is a whole invisible world around us that we can tap into, but most of us don’t know how to do this. When we recognise this world and connect to it, we are able to sense our loved ones. As well, we can also channel healing energy to heal ourselves and others, receive guidance, and manifest what we want into our lives, even money.

How can we use spiritual energy for healing and even bring money into our lives?

Around our body is our energy aura where we store our thoughts, experiences, and our karma. The aura is connected to our chakra body’s chakra system. Students of Reiki or any form of energy healing would have in depth knowledge of the chakras.

As well as our seven main chakras we have many smaller ones. Each chakra is an energy centre and each is associated with different emotions, physical organs, and spiritual relevancies.

We often unknowingly attract negative energy into our aura, which can slow down or even block our chakras. When our chakras are working efficiently they are bright, beautiful lights, rotating in the proper speed and direction for us.

Sensing Energy

I have found that I am able to tune in and intuitively sense a person’s energy. I can often “feel” if their chakras are shut down. Actually, spirit shows me by using my body as a gauge and allowing me to sense their issues. These issues may be physical or emotional. They can even be financial blockages and stresses.

Each time we experience something negative, if we don’t fully release it, we will hold a part of it in our energy field.

Start thinking about incidences that occurred in your past that still prompt an emotional reaction in you. Are there hurts lingering because of what people have said or done to you over the years that still bother you? When you look at your life and think about how you’ve felt when you’ve been wronged, or when something “bad” happened to you, how do you feel about it now?

When you remember a former romantic partner and that unforgivable thing they did, do you look back with love and light, and total forgiveness? If you do, you’re an angel!

Most of us are still irked when we think about that jerk and what they did. But that person is long gone: the only one who is still bothered is us. When you feel strong negative emotions about what happened years ago, these are your “triggers”. It’s like a small part of their energy was left embedded in you – yuck!

A trigger is associated with a romance is going to be in your abdominal area (stomach, ovaries, intestines). If it is caused by something a parent said or did to you, it is going to be in your hips and thighs. Yes, that’s why you can’t lose that last bit of weight from your thighs! Money and financial stress is often going to show up in your lower back.

The good news is that although we have accumulated this negative energy, it can easily be dissolved. A spiritual healer can often help you to shift your energy, but the real healer is you. You are the one who is open to this energy shift.

Begin thinking today about the triggers you are holding on to. Ask spirit to help you release these negative feelings.

As you release these old thought forms, you may notice that your health improves. This is because our emotional and physical wellbeing are interrelated. Our thoughts create our physical existence. And as you release negative feelings, you may even notice an improvement in your finances.

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