About Us

Over 30 Years of Awakening and Expanding Consciousness

The purpose of our events is to create connections for the expansion of consciousness and to inspire people to co-create a more sustainable way of living in peace, harmony and happiness. We have been  Expanding Consciousness and Growth in WA for over 30 years.  This 3 day event provides a vibrant forum for emerging and established businesses, organisations, practitioners, authors, speakers and performers.  In a peaceful and friendly environment you can explore and experience the latest natural therapies, health and healing products, organic food and nutrition, personal and spiritual growth to expand and wake up your Body Mind Heart and Soul.  Meet over 120 exhibitors who will help you to Improve your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Our Purpose

We bring together practitioners and businesses to showcase a range of choices for living consciously through food and nutrition, sustainable environment, health and wellbeing, creative arts and spirituality. Our events provide a local and global platform for emerging authors, musicians, speakers and artists to communicate their ideas, to express their purpose and vision in contributing to a more conscious world.  The Conscious Living Expo is a co-creative event that is designed to promote collaboration and networking amongst exhibitors and visitors to open up new possibilities to grow  businesses.

The 5 pillars  integral to Conscious Living 
What You can See and Do at the Expo

Over 3 days visitors can explore and experience the latest natural therapies, health and healing products, organic food and nutrition to improve health, happiness and wellbeing.  Over 120 exhibitors are represented from around Australia to South East Asia   together with the leading Western Australian businesses and practitioners, showcasing their products and services.

4 Dedicated Areas: Talks Theatre, Sound Temple, Main Stage and Conversation Networking Lounge

A New Innovation: The Conversation Networking  Lounge offers the opportunity to discuss topics of interest and to meet exhibitors who  share their journey and key insights that have motivated and inspired them to create . Meet the authors and leading change makers who have developed innovative modalities and products to meet your needs in a changing world. Find out who is launching new courses; sharing the latest research in their area of expertise; new community projects; and launching their latest books.

FREE Talks and Workshops 

Our world class seminar program features International Keynote Speakers  and local practitioners who present their knowledge and share their experience  to inspire and empower visitors to take charge of their of health and wellbeing , to embrace healthy diets,  organic food and sustainable eco-friendly lifestyles as well as expanding consciousness and  embarking upon self-development.The program of speakers is truly world class and features the leading visionaries and authors in the fields of health and healing, spiritual growth, personal development, ecology, nutrition and natural medicine.

Experiential Meditations, Yoga  and Sound Healing

A peaceful place to relax and meditate is the Sound Temple. Kyela perform deeply healing and relaxing vibrational sound bath sessions with crystal and Tibetan bowls, Fibonacci pipes, Solfeggio pipes, Koshi bells, crystal pyramid and a Wuhan gong. Yoga and Meditation Teachers offer FREE experiential sessions daily.

Live Performances: Music Dance and Discussion Panels 

The main stage is the heart of the Expo treating visitors to live performances of original compositions by artists from around Australia.

Natural Therapies & Healing Treatments

Have a treatment or consultation with one of our Professional practitioners  including live blood analysis ,homeopathic and naturopathic consultations, reflexology, head massage, kinesiology, Ki Energy Massage,  Acupuncture pain relief treatments, aromatherapy massage, Bowen therapy and Divine Healing. New holistic technologies that are effective in preventing and treating diseases include Bioresonance, Metatron and the Powertube.

Organic Food & Nutrition

The Food Court comes alive with delicious vibrant fresh organic, raw and cooked vegetarian, gluten free meals, raw cakes, juices, smoothies, chai teas, and coffee and turmeric latte.  Perth’s leading foodies and chefs  demonstrate and sample a wide range of cuisines and methods of  preparing healthy  vegan, vegetarian, paleo , fermented and raw food.

Psychic Readings: Mediumship,  Palmistry, Numerology,  Tarot

Visitors can choose from 20 of Perth’s top psychic readers in the Psychic Reading Room and order a reading online to receive FREE admission to the Expo. As well there are some of Australia’s leading psychic mediums offering consultations in their booths.

Eco Living Village 

Explore the latest sustainable and eco friendly solutions for home, garden, and work.  Here you can meet with pioneers in new approaches to community housing and eco building, including alternatives to plastic, renewable energy and organic food gardening.

Kids Corner 

Parents can bring their children to the Expo to enjoy interactive elemental play and story  telling . Connie the Clown give a fabulous Magic Show on Saturday and Sunday between 1pm-3pm .

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