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“Come visit our stall for free tastings and absolutely no expectations!
We’re new in the market and want to meet everyone, let us know what you think of our products (brutally honest opinions very welcome)!”

.. Hayley Cullen..


Honeyboost are functional honey fusions, working to give you a daily, direct boost of the many bioactive nutrients and fibres missing from a typical modern diet. We start with seasonal raw Western Australian honey; the bees naturally concentrate compounds from countless diverse plant species creating a great mix of biologically useful and highly seasonal food. We then add a blend of ingredients including herbs, prebiotics, fibres, and fresh-ground powders to create real-food nutritional supplements, with no compromise on quality. There’s no capsules, you just eat a spoonful a day alongside a glass of water.

Honeyboost a local WA startup, created by a scientist (Hayley) and a beekeeper (Adrian) alongside the support of Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products (CRCHBP) and the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI). Recently, it was found that a spoonful of pure honey each day contained enough prebiotic compounds (oligosaccharides) to significantly feed and diversify your gut microbes, so we’ve built on this further to create mixtures that are even more nutritious. MCT coconut oil has also been added to each product to carry the fat-soluble components. We have developed 3 products:

Multiboost is our deliciously chocolatey and multi-purpose nutritious blend. The WA bee pollen, cacao and cinnamon are unusually rich in bioactive nutrients, while the honey is a natural preservative for the freshly ground Australian chia seeds and hemp protein.

Gutboost aims to help repair some of the damage to our microbiomes caused by modern living, with fibres and prebiotics including beta-glucan (derived from oats), green banana flour containing resistant starch, and slippery elm bark powder. It contains hydrolysed collagen peptides as they have been shown to be more bioavailable to the body than either pure amino acids or whole protein, providing building blocks for your gut and connective tissue. Lastly, the fermented miso is not only a useful ingredient but also tasty, giving Gutboost a somewhat “salted caramel” flavour profile!

Immunoboost uses the ancient remedy of honey & tea to help fight colds, flu and sore throats, while also helping the healthy body too. Taking advantage of anti-microbial and inflammatory therapeutic teas and herbs, our formula delivers a more potent punch than just honey and therapeutic teas on their own. We procure our herbal tea mix from a WA herbalist who grows the majority of the ingredients herself. The tea is then ground to a fine powder so you can eat it whole, allowing them to be more bioavailable, particularly the fat-soluble components. This will let you naturally extract far more than from a cup of tea. We’ve taken it further by adding the antibacterial enzyme called lysozyme, found naturally on the surface of our eyes and in tears, as well as very high concentrations in breast milk. Lastly, a tiny amount of WA Kochii eucalyptus oil gives a very refreshing and cooling cough-lolly flavour.

Special introductory offer: Buy all 3 jars for a special pricing of $87, discounted from $120 ($43 each).