Innerdance Perth

A sound based meditative & self healing journey

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A sound based meditative & self healing journey

Innerdance is a guided 60 min music based meditative experience, self healing and awakening journey. The music guides your mind into deeper expanded states of consciousness and onto trance likes states akin to dreaming awake. Spontaneous movement (hence the name Innerdance) can and does arise in those participants who fully surrender to the wisdom of their body. In these expanded states of consciousness understanding of your habitual patterns, profound realisations, life reviews and remembrance of past lives are possible. Trust in your body, mind and instinct will take you where it needs to go on this beautiful healing journey.

Join James and his co-facilitators at 3pm Friday in the Sound Temple to experience the magic of Innerdance yourself. This session is offered free but donations are appreciated.

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About Your Facilitator 

James is a 200hr certified Ashatanga yoga teacher who was introduced to Innerdance in the Philippines in 2014 after traveling extensively for two and half years. There he completed his first Innerdance Energy School with Pi Villarazza the founder of Innerdance. This had a transformative effect on his life opening up his understanding of energy work and self healing.  He completed a second Innerdance Energy School with Pi in 2017 and has been holding space for private and group Innerdance sessions in Perth since 2019.

James looks forward to sharing the practice of Innerdance with you.