Intra Glow

Lifestyle Education

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IntraGlow have come together to make being healthy easy.

Our mission is to help everyday people around the world attain amazing health and vitality through practical, honest & simple lifestyle education, and the power of doing it as a tribe.

We believe that having Ultimate Wellness is as simple as having an easy programme to follow, some great education to help you make simple yet powerful changes to your daily habits, and having an amazing community of people who are as committed to seeing you succeed as you are, to help you every step of the way.

We don’t believe that the only way to be healthy is with crazy fad diets, starving yourself, or using the latest fat reducing technology that’s all over the internet.

We believe in eating clean foods. Reducing your chemical burden. Drinking lots of water. Moving your body. Resting your body. And importantly, working on your mindset to ensure that you commit to the NEW HEALTHY YOU, and build good habits that last a lifetime.

Come and talk to Dave and his team to find out more at Booth 72-73