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Terpene Therapy in Australia

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Primal Organix is at the vanguard of Terpene therapy in Australia. Their products are designed to give people natural options to their health ailments.

Primal Organix has developed a range of therapeutic products to assist people with everyday life conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, addiction, respiration and libido.

What are TERPENES?

Terpenes are a class of Phytochemicals and are often responsible for the aroma and flavour of plants. They are major constituents of plant resin and essential oils extracted from many common plants. Terpenes are Biosynthetic building blocks that make essential oils so beneficial.

Terpenes can produce synergy with respect to treatment of: • Pain • Inflammation • Depression • Anxiety • Addiction • Epilepsy • Cancer • Fungal • Bacterial infections


About Primal Organix

Primal Organix was founded by Frank Giampieri and Mark Garbelotto.

Frank has been researching and developing terpene based products for over 8 years and heads up the manufacturing arm of the business in Western Australia.


Our products are: • 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} Organic • 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} Vegan • Derived from natural plants • 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} Free of genetically modified ingredients • 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} Free of petroleum based compounds

Our products are designed to: • Interact with our bodies (ECS) • Interact with our Central Nervous Systems • Help people get off prescription medications. • Provide people with balance and well- being into their lives. • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Come and have a chat with us at Booth 18 to find discover more about Terpenes and their potential health benefits.