QiGong Inc.

founded by Kate and Henri Lebedev

Booth N3

www.qi.org.au              E: [email protected]

QiGong Inc is a Perth, Western Australia based organisation dedicated to the preservation, education and growth of QiGong and related practices locally and nationally.

QiGong refers to a multitude of inner cultivation practices. QiGong’s roots are deep in Chinese and Asian shamanic, Daoist, Buddhist, Confucian, medical, wellbeing, martial arts and other practices. In modern times, QiGong is most commonly practiced for medical and wellbeing purposes.

QiGong Inc delivers classes, courses, workshops, instructor training and retreats and offers a variety of QiGong modalities ranging from university student workshops to older adults’ programs, martial arts practice to corporate wellness.

Medical QiGong (MQ) is a branch of QiGong Inc, offering MQ treatments, workshops and internationally accredited instructor training courses.

Medical QiGong is a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, developed and refined over thousands of years. Medical QiGong main techniques include:

·         Distance Qi emission

·         Self-regulating prescriptions

·         QiGong massage

·         Healing sound therapy

·         Invisible needle therapy

Medical QiGong is a therapy that can be used on its own or in conjunct with other conventional and alternative treatments.

Come  and meet the founders of QiGong Inc, Kate and Henri Lebedev at Booth N3 to learn more.