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Vegan Shoes & Hemp Shoes

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Vegan shoes and Hemp Shoes
All Re-Tyre shoes are handcrafted with love and respect for people and the planet. Using 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} recycled tyres, natural, organic, and vegan materials. Re-Tyre Shoes – super comfortable HANDMADE shoes made from TYRES and other cool eco material. If you are normally a barefoot bandit then these are the shoes for you!

After years of being a gypsy and rarely wearing shoes Melissa  moved to Bali, Indonesia, where she found herself back on a motorbike and needing closed in shoes! She discovered these amazing 100{bd8a1e7a756e52d6dd9114a5fec3622d8543affbcb7570d2e3b7f598d7615a85} Vegan, Zero (flat, which for us barefoot peeps, is comfort). Better still, they could withstand her rough and ready lifestyle. Motorbikes, hiking, travelling around S.E.A, chasing her kids and constantly being kicked on and off (no shoes inside in Bali).

Come and meet Melissa at Stand 79 the and try on these innovative and comfortable shoes and at the same time support the environment.