The Reflexology Association of Australia

The West Australian Branch

Booth 21   FB: Reflexology-Association-of-Australia-106263356095176/

The West Australian branch of the Reflexology Association of Australia will be back at the Conscious Living Expo this year. Find us at Booth 21.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are zones in the feet and hands that correspond to all parts of the body. By stimulating these zones with a combination of pressure techniques you stimulate that part of the body and help to bring about your bodies on natural healing.

It promotes balance in physical, mental and emotional levels and is deeply relaxing.


The Proven benefits of a treatment are:

  • ♦ Reduces stress and anxiety
  • ♦ Effective pain relief
  • ♦ Improve circulation
  • ♦ Improve digestion
  • ♦ Balances the nervous system
  • ♦ Boosts lymphatic function
  • ♦ Detoxifies the body


Reflexology is non- invasive and FEELS AMAZING!

Come and experience a reflexology treatment by a professionally qualified Reflexologist. “Professional Reflexology, a step inthe right direction for Health and Balance”