Sacred 8 – Channelled Art

Roz Tilley

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Have your own Spirit Guide drawn!

For those who don’t know what this means here is an  explanation. This is like a Guardian Angel or an energy that will communicate with you. It can assist you through difficult times or just be around like having a happy friendly face near by. Roz will ask you what you are needing and from that I will connect to your vibration and do the drawing. If it is a gift for some one, Roz can create that also.

Roz is self trained in many areas and constantly connected to Spirit, this interaction keeps her in touch with life and it’s changes.  Roz has channeled the modality called  Multi Dimensional Healing. She is a channeled art teacher and Medium. She has two oracles in print and  to sit and learn all the personal stories attached to these cards brings an understanding of the power of the images. Roz does Readings which are grounded and directional which means if you have decisions to make she will give you options so you can make an informed  decision for yourself.