Sacred Treasures

Khachodling Organisation

Booth 48

Sacred Treasures, part of the Khachodling Organisation, is offering a range of Himalayan products at their stand #48.

Stone-ground organic Apricot Oil from Ladakh, Singing Bowls, Chanting CD’s, Hand-made Candles, Books, handmade socks… and more.

Also, travel information for upcoming Pilgrimages to the Himalayas.


Bring the sacred into the everyday

Perspective changes everything. In India, you see altars by the side of the road or in a tree. In Tibet they carve mantras of compassion into rock so we all may be reminded to live kindly. Our lives become increasingly mindful when we surround ourselves with things that point us beyond our limited everyday vision.  We are here to assist you in this journey and bring these Sacred Treasures into your daily life.

Behind Sacred Treasures is a family and a team of devoted people, some Himalayan, and others who through their own inner journey have become supporters of Himalayan sacred and cultural traditions because of what it has taught us.