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Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach was a Financial Planner for many years but sensed for some time there was something greater she should be doing.  After a profound experience in 2005 she discovered she was a Healer, Psychic Medium and Empath.  With this new knowledge, Catherine was divinely guided to embark on her own healing and self-discovery path.  After another couple of years of seeking and learning, including travelling to India to complete Pranic Healing and Reiki courses, she founded in 2008 Soul Abundance.

Catherine now helps many on their own self- discovery journey, guiding and healing. She covers many aspects of their lives to clear confusion and bring them closer to their divine self. Her empathic abilities assist others identify negative feelings held within.  She helps them to understand, accept and release these emotions and the memories attached with love.  Catherine share’s her wisdom and divinely guided messages with all those ready to create their change.  Her message for all is to acknowledge love, feel love, heal with love, share love and be in love with oneself and the world around. “When we can live in a loving state the doors to abundance freely open”~ Catherine May Smith.


Service Offerings:

Individual sessions – Abundance Life Coaching, Energy/Emotional Healing, Meditation/Mindfulness and “Create the Change,” a 9 week course based on inner child healing.

Sessions for ladies, gents, teenagers and little ones, covering various aspects of one’s life as intuitively guided.

Fun-Days & Workshops include – weekly Group Healing Meditation, Intuitive Development Fun Day, Golden Healing Energy Fun Day, Pendulum Magic Workshop, Attitude to Abundance Workshop and Soul Sister Retreats.

Other services include Positive Loving Parenting, Children’s and Teens Healing and Coaching, Marriage & Relationship Coaching, Animal Healings, Home and Business Energy Clearing and Food Allergy & Intolerance identification.


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