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Booth P53
Come and see Ann Powell  at Booth P4 this weekend for your free Divine Healing Hands Blessing
Souls can heal, and your soul can help you heal the ones around you. The Power of Soul Institute is dedicated towards helping humanity realise that this element of physical and mental presence is accessible and open for change.
Our Services: Soul Song, Soul Dance and Soul Music blessings, Divine Blessings and Soul Services, Soul Readings and Life Guidance, Tao Calligraphy Healing blessings and Divine Soul Operation blessings.
Come and join at P2 and receive a blessing and healing from our wonderful team.
About Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha
 Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha brings the power of Tao Healing to Australia via The Power of Soul Institute — www.powerofsoulinstitute.com.au
The Power of Soul Institute is an organisation that devotes itself towards educating humanity on the powerful techniques that are available for those looking to release energy, matter, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. Enlighten every aspect of your life by connecting with your inner-self and uniting with your heart, mind and body— Master Sha’s certified WorldWide Representatives offer life guidance consultations and healing workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major capital cities around Australia, adopt healing practices from both Western and traditional Chinese medicines.
Through his power to enable humanity to commit to communicating with their souls and mind, Master Sha is recognised for sharing his profound secrets, wisdom and foresight into the practice of entering the realms within the inner conscience and physical presence. His passion for channeling positive blessings and encouraging self-transformation is a growing success. Benefit from life guidance services and spiritual support embedded within the Power of Soul Institute’s commitment to:
·       Bring positive changes to your life and the ones around you
·       Ease the negative emotions attached to stress, resentment, hurt, loneliness and anger
·       Engage in a healthier, happier and brighter lifestyle
·       Improve your relationships through private life guidance consultations in Sydney wider regions
·       Leverage and maintain your finances
·       Encourage your children to achieve their full ability to shine and take control of their own lives
·       Teach those around you to succeed in meeting their own happiness and achievements
·       Engage with spiritual healing for the mind and body
·       Bring peace to your beloved your animals with Master’s Sha’s expertise as a pet healer
·       Undertake life guidance consultations to overcome emotional and physical tensions.