Western Wildflower Gardens

Leading Experts on Native Gardens

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Ever wanted to have a native garden full of colour? What about the small birds, like blue wrens and insects, like blue banded bees? Where and how do you begin even creating a native garden? What plant do I choose and where does it go in the garden?
We are Perth’s leading experts on native gardens, WA plants and information. We are lovers of wildflowers in gardens to create full colourful displays.
Sue Dempster has learnt about wildflowers and native gardens from her mother, Hazel Dempster and her nana, Eileen J. Croxford (dec), and 30+ years of experience in the landscape, nursery and gardening industries.
She has grown up in the world of Western Australian wildflowers and thought everyone spoke botanical Latin names at the dinner table. Sue wants to share with you where her passion and expertise have come from.