“What Frequency Is Your Business Vibrating At ?”  is the title of Kelly Kingston’s  pioneering business guide that brings spirituality and business together in alignment with the heart to transform business from 3D to 5D.  Kelly is sick to death of watching wellness practitioners struggle in business and say things like “I am great at what I do, but have no idea about business”. “Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime” …… This is what drives Kelly and it is what all her teaching is about – empowering you to survive in business today, but more importantly thrive in business.

Kelly Kingston is an inspirational speaker and a transformational business specialist, who delivers individual and group sessions, customised programs and education to small business in the wellness industry. For over 20 years she has been involved in the Wellness Industry. Kelly has been globally recognised in business with 3 separate awards, Female Executive of the Year 2017, Business Woman of the Year 2017 and Organisation of the Year 2017, presented to her in New York City at the Stevie International Business Woman’s Awards.

As Founder and Co-Director of One Purse One Planet Ltd – OPOP, ACNC Registered Global Charity – Advanced Social Impact, Kelly’s passion is to make the world a much better place. One Purse One Planet was established to create affordable self-sustainable communities that can be duplicated worldwide. Everyone on the planet has the right to feel safe, be loved, have shelter, clothes, a bed to sleep in, food, clean water and wellness care – the necessities of life.

Kelly is currently working on several projects, including youth projects that will allow our youth to get their first job or create their own business and get them ready for The Real World. ​ Kelly now focuses her passion and enthusiasm on helping wellness practitioners build better businesses and raise the vibration of their businesses.

The Cure Trailer   https://vimeo.com/271417111

​Kelly sees a future in which she can share in the abundance and the resources that are available to all and has been surrounding herself with like minded people that have a similar vision. Her Goal is to guide all wellness leaders around the world to a sustainable spiritual business model that is streamlined so they do not have to starve themselves in their business.

“It is possible with the technologies available in today’s society, that we as a human family can all benefit in the rewards of others. A brighter future is possible, all we need is the courage and the will to create it.” 


Kelly Kingston is a keynote speaker at Conscious Living October 25-27. Check out her session here Transitioning Your Business from 3D to 5D- Saturday 3.30pm.